Service & Submission

Facilitates a Better Life for All

Service and submission are necessary to fully be alive and participate in the world. It is a reminder of the interconnectedness shared by all life. Every action an individual takes impacts others even if it is not directly witnessed. This truth is often overlooked. Continual thoughts of Me, Myself, and I along with Mine and More aren’t just selfish but prevents engagement with others who could potentially offer resources.  It obfiscates the real impact one person has on others and the environment around.  Thinking only about the self leads to isolation and residence on a lonely island.

True slaves and subbies engage in direct and overt practice of mindfulness of  an other’s needs and desires. It requires great care and thought. Even if slaving is not a 24/7 activity in the BDSM sense, it awakens and sharpens the ability of mindfulness and compassion in the person who engages in it. Practice makes perfect.

By embracing who YOU truly are, rather than trying to be something  you are not, you can now work to being the best person/subby you can be and provide others with the best you can offer. Knowing at one’s core that happiness comes through service to a Dominant is ultimately a brave act because current societal doctrines are at odds with that concept.  Remember, society is merely a collection of individuals and it is always adapting and changing to reflect those individuals. It is not static.  You are part of society and you can change it to reflect who you are and you are not alone.  Ownership is key to creating a more reflective and humane society.

The sub has the personal responsibility and gift of  deciding who to follow and give their will and resources to. It is very important that the person who submits to another has gone through the effort of doing research on the person s/he chooses to follow. It must be an informed decision and that weight can only be placed on the submissive. Just looking at panty wetting pics is not due dilligence nor is it wise to assume. Keep in mind, anyone can say they are a Dominant without having the skills or abilities to make such a claim. Ask yourself. Who is the bigger fool? The fool who leads or the fool who follows? It is up to the slave to know the difference between a Leader/Dominant and Tyrant/Sociopath. Follow the person who nurtures their garden and enable them to spread abundance or risk being a henchman. Unbelievers can revisit the Milgram experiment. Good authority is strengthened by questioning, evil authority disintegrates at the slightest close look.

Force + Absorption=Balance

 How much does the threat of violence mean to someone who regularly is a self flagellant? How about a person who willingly submits, allows restraints and fully anticipates all sorts of pain stimuli? Pain has now been attached to very positive erotic hormonal AND cerebral delights. The more a sub/maz can take, the more highly trained s/he is. What a magnificent tool for peace. An ANTI-weapon. The subby disarms by absorbing  the desire and physical training of the Dominant. Like a body builder tearing muscle in order to make it stronger.

Serving Me

I give those who feel happiest serving an opportunity to serve. Submission and slavery are the gifts I offer to those who understand and appreciate its enormity. Service to me also gives access to MY resources. Every slave and subbie MUST offer resources that I deem suitable other than a desire to be played with.

Since my goal is to get the response and action that behooves me, I do not engage in punitive disciplinary measures. They do not work and often backfire because of unforeseen collateral damage and it wastes resources. Usually any behaviour correction that comes from it is short lived instead of long term. On the rare instance that punishment is warranted it does not come in the form of slaps or flogging. There will be no verbal humiliation and name calling and there will be no kicks to the cock and balls. Instead punishment is revoked access to my resources. The severity of the infraction will determine the amount of resources withheld.

I submit to and am in the service of the great web of  life and to the earth in which we ALL rely on to give us life.