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Value and the Dolla Billz

Money is representational. Though a common belief is X amount of $= an item like a loaf of bread  or a yacht, that money is not an actual loaf of bread or an actual yacht. Money be it USD or Yen is a representation of goods & service that potentially can be procured.  Though barter is the oldest form of economy it is not always the most convenient. If I grow tomatoes but need eggs, I could barter some of my tomatoes with a farmer for her eggs. However, if  the farmer doesn’t want my tomatoes then what else do I offer?  I could trade with someone who does want my tomatoes for somethings else the farmer may want. Alas, this can be a pain in the ass and so money steps in as the representation of whatever item the farmer  needs for trade. Money is valuable in its function as representation and can facilitate the exchange of goods and services. Again, there really are no guarantees but any break in the chain and there is disruption.

money, money changes everything-c.lauper

Money is also psychically representative of what people and a society consider important.  A person with less discretionary income will spend a greater percentage of their money on food and shelter. Those two things are most important. A poor person will put their resources towards the basics of Maslow’s Hierarchy just to sustain his/her existence.  On the other hand, someone who has a lot of money may spend a large percentage of that wealth just protecting it. The basic needs are easily alleviated by a monied individual and those needs take a minuscule percent of their lucre.  Spending habits are a snapshot of needs and desires.  Money having acute psychic value means that perhaps  its greatest worth is in drawing a better profile of the person or organization that is spending it.  It shows a direct link to what is most desired or feared, what is most valued and valuable. That intimate knowledge is a resource.
Make No Mistake. Money is a Valuable Resource but…
Money should never be mistaken for the thing it is supposed to represent in a mixture of  prosopagnasia by way of representative realist Magritte. This is not a pipe. Though money definitely can play a healthy role as one of many resources, it is not our ONLY resource and wealth nor is it the most important.  Since it is representative and not the actual commodity and there is no guarantee of or to the commodity, it is vulnerable. Money is not clean air or potable water. It is not food. In extreme or unforeseen circumstance money can not fill the lungs with life giving air nor slake a deadly thirst.  A tumultuous and ever changing planet that increasingly is flooding, storming, wreaking havoc and displacing the human populace continually shows the shortcomings of money.
Think Bigger. Think Resource and Real Wealth.
A resource is a means of supplying a want or deficiency. It comes in many diverse forms and when we come to this understanding we realize how much value and abundance we really have. Our resources are both tangible and intangible like air, water, and soil as well as time, knowledge, ability, and access. An example of this is a dentist. He has an ability that few others do and that ability holds real value (and many people need it) since it fixes what is broken-a deficiency. The dentist has a resource and since it is knowledge based, it can not be revoked.  Even if that dentist loses all property and cash, the knowledge of how to fix teeth remains.
We are surrounded by the wealth of our own resources and those around us. Do not be fooled into believing that money is our only resource or even our most important resource. That is how we are being fooled into believing we are lacking, poor, and not good enough and that we should be and do and consume like the few who have only an abundance of money. That is how we give up our own power. It is why we will exchange our real wealth in return for the continual poverty of perceived wealth.
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You and I have so many resources unique to us and all we need to do is recognize them, share them, and create true abundance.  Once we understand what our resources truly are it will completely reframe how we see and need to see the world. Replace your resources (time, people, raw goods, human energy etc.) with the word RESOURCE.   It may change your perspective when you look at all the the stuff tossed and considered trash or even a  homeless vet on subway bench.
It Can Also Change How the 99% Do Business
Do you want access to my resources? Do you crave my knowledge or ability to make you think in new and exciting ways? Do you want to feel the helplessness that comes with bondage or mummification? Maybe you want to learn how and become your very own resources of ability and knowledge. Then you must give me access to your resources and do not waste or disregard mine. ***I may use your resources to barter with or give to others.***
In case there is confusion and brain matter leaks out of an ear as you ponder what the fuck I mean by that.
This means I take different types of currency (resource) from money, to theater tix, access to people/events/locations/equipment, services etc. from slaves, subbies, followers, other artists and collaborators.
***Resources that I consider particularly valuable:
medical knowledge and practitioners like Doctors, Dentists etc.
health services including licensed massage/Therapists, acupuncture/Acupuncturist etc.
certified CPA
on call (Driver) car service
IT/PC Repair & upgrade genius/SuperGeek
Sewing/Design Wizard
Video Editing Virtuoso
Caterer/Restaurant Owner



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