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I always look forward to making connections with others and expanding my network of resources.

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A Mistress in motion tends to stay in motion, therefore, I am always working on numerous projects at the same time with all different types of individuals.  These collaborations range from the political and fetishly fluid to artistic and Dominant.  I exist in both the digital and analog reality so my work reflects that. My plan of  World Domination is time-consuming and requires lots of work with many people on many things after all.

I can be reached through two three methods:

1. Text  347.394.2873 DO NOT CALL

This is text only and I will NOT answer a call. However, calling will let me know that you couldn’t be bothered to pay attention. That means I will label your number and you as DERP! or Idiot.

2. If you love Public Displays of Attention or just feel less threatened when surrounded by anonymous avatars, you can give me a shout out on twitter. In order to participate rather than just be a voyeur, you must have a twitter account. We can always go DM for privacy in 140 characters if we follow each other.

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3. The new old-fashioned way to contact me is through email and I retain rights to email correspondence. All sincere and polite correspondence is treated with the utmost confidentiality and no information is passed on to others without consent. This also means that if you send me a totally awesome short story I might publish it on my site, with credit of course.  I may quote or cut & paste missives (with/without contact info depending on what we agree to). Unbelievably stupid emails may be cut n pasted for shits n giggles or to create a teaching moment. Like what NOT to do.

Really horrible abusive emails might just be put up in their entirety  (all personal information included). So think twice before clicking that send button and go heavy on the spellcheck as well as the thesaurus. Get creative or concise but be thoughtful in the endevour.

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.


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