Morality that Matters

Of Morality and Immorality



(as defined by of, pertaining to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction

between right and wrong;ethical: moral attitudes.

Alas it is not as simple as that.  Right and wrong conduct, good or bad are not so binary with definites and absolutes. Though it may seem that way and there are many who  purport to be the mantle of morality, it is mere illusion. What we often mistake for morals are  a socially enacted ploy to keep a select group of individuals  in power. The society that adopts this set morals or morality are victims of  these sneaky  usurpers. A means to slake a greedy thirst. The society that enforces and adopts this morality do so either because they directly profit from it at and to the detriment of the “immoral”  or because of traumatic bonding.


Before clicking away from this page dismissing this notion as a way to to excuse immoral behaviour, consider the things we now consider crimes against humanity. Things we flat out say are wrong when brought up. Like human slavery in U.S. history. Owning unwilling human chattel was officially abolished with the 13th Amendment passed by Congress on January 31, 1865 and ratified on December 6, 1865. This seems like a no brainer. Forcing another human to be property is without a doubt cruel, inhumane, and flat out wrong. It is immoral. Consider though that a good portion of the US population owned slaves or believed it was a perfectly right thing to do at the time. So much so that laws were passed to insure the practice of slavery and strengthen the powers of the slave owner with the Fugitive Slave Laws. Don’t forget the ruling of Dredd Scott that becomes the cherry on top of an evil confection. It only took another 102 years before it was legal for blacks and whites to marry (anti-micegenation laws) as it was considered immoral for the races to mix. The children of these marriages were not given the privileges afforded children of the un-swirled. Let those facts settle in.

Now consider the practice of female circumcision. The act of mutilating a girl’s goodies in parts of Africa and the Middle East is considered moral. To not mutilate a girl’s vagina though it provides no medical benefits to the owner of that vagina and in fact only causes harm is immoral. Most people (whatever the gender) who do not come from a culture that mutilates the genitals of XX would agree. FGM surely is not moral.

Morality, what is and is not moral differs from culture to culture, place to place. What this species likes to think of as static morality is in fact subject to change depending on where and when we exist on this blue ball called earth. However, a closer and more usable morality does exist and can be boiled down to three components. Sustainability , symbiosis, and adaptation. The action/idea can be held up and has endurance any interdependent or mutually beneficial relationship between two persons, groups, etc. Self perpetuation.

An action that causes harm to an individual/group etc will eventually end in self termination as it becomes too great a burden to continue. It can not continue because it uses up all its resources.  It is UNsustainable.

Look Closer

Symbiotic relationships benefit the participants each entity being enriched by the relationship. Each gives and each gets. Since those who participate get more than if they do not participate it is within the best interest of all to protect each other.

Adaptability accounts for the unknown and unseen obstacles and problems that occur. If a life form or a society is unable to compensate for chaos it has a higher probability of dying.

These three  balance each other and create greater stability. It makes it harder for corruption or co opting by harmful and parasitic forces, those who would profit at the expense of many or all others.


War -> unsustainable (eventually running our of resources) and not symbiotic (parasitic-> creating profit from use, manufacturing, and engineering of weapons for the sole purpose  for enacting non consensual death), though it can be adaptable=immoral


The relationship between Dom/me and subby in a power exchange relationship is symbiotic. Each of the participants complements the other but also rely on each other. The masochist submissive wants to be beaten and the sadistically  inspired Domina wants someone who can enjoy a beating . Greater enjoyment  can also inspire  intensity. Incremental increases and the body adapts. By connecting enjoyable positive stimuli to what could be a barrier  (pain)  to most, it enabled adaptation. A person who can accept a beating, pain, or some other extreme can survive better. The partners that are safe sane and (informed) consensual can continue to do so.  It is sustainable. Therefore moral.









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