Algae BioFuel DIY as Example of Use

So for all the talking heads that assure every one of us that algae biofuel is a pipe dream or just not right now ready->here is me flipping you the bird. Everyone else who is swayed by facts and DIY get on board and show naysaying ninnies they are so passe.

Living Lamp Sucks CO2

It’s beautiful and futuristic and its time has come. Created by French biochemist Pierre Calleja, this lamp is made from micro-algae that gobbles 150 times the CO2 of a tree. This is the future of progress. Forget trying to make/do things that are just carbon neutral, that’s small, uncreative, uninspired thinking. We humans have the […]

Prisoner Generate Electricity

Justice can be about restoration rather than punitive and here is an example of it. Prisoners in Brazil ride stationary bikes that generate electricity and feed it back to the community. Not only is the darkness brushed aside like dust but  the community has regained a lit space, prisoners get healthy and feel productive as […]

The Top 6 Ways to Convert Poop Into Electricity

This is pretty self explanatory.   Top 6 Ways to Convert Poop Into Electricity-From Mother Jones More than half of the 15 trillion gallons of sewage Americans flush annually is processed into sludge that gets spread on farmland, lawns, and home vegetable gardens. In theory, recycling poop is the perfect solution to the one truly […]

Sixth Sense-Through the Wormhole

Science is starting to examine magic. The unperceived is now being recognized in a way that it hasn’t before. Not hocus pocus but science and nature giving illumination to what once was dark. Now you know and knowing is half the battle.


  We the People and our entire nation has a life threatening addiction. We plunge gigantic needles into the deep wells and veins of a planet in pursuit of our drug. We will do anything for our fix. We are willing to sacrifice our future generations to slake our immediate thirst. All the while enriching […]

Plastic Eating Fungus

What the hell do we do with non degrading plastic? Feed it to hungry fungus.

Yet ANOTHER Solar Car

Seriously! Another solar car out of the many many solar cars that are being pumped out all over the world from India and Palestine to this gem from our own shores. So, when do we stop believing the lies that that we need fossil fuels and must accept a Faustian deal of  war, pollution, and […]

Cure for Cancer and Cheap Energy Source

Yet another energy source to fulfill our needs and it may be another cure for cancer. Now ask yourself, why are you spending a fortune on electricity, why do we keep hearing we need to pursue unsustainable energy policies, poison our environment, and why we keep walking for cures we already have? Simply put, it […]

Power From Garbage

Just because we keep being told by media and polluters that we need to drill baby drill and frack over everyone in the pursuit of energy doesn’t mean that it is true.  Here is yet another power source that we have in abundance and not about to run out as long as we humans are […]