The Difference Between Domme and a Top

by Mistress Rage @MistressRage Not every person who calls themselves a Mistress is actually Dominant. Mistress is supposed to be an honorific used by women who were slave owners but, now the title is being used by nearly everyone who engages in BDSM on a professional basis including people who are actually escorts, prostitutes and strippers. […]

Good Clean Fun

 By Master Virage Well, it’s been a while, but I’ve decided to start the blog thing again, as there is just so much to talk about lately! I’ve decided to take on a topic that most guys out there could really benefit from, but few ever really want to talk about or research. Trust me, […]

Informed Consent

by Saynine @saynine Lately I have been giving a lot of thought to the idea of “Informed Consent” and the role it plays in BDSM play and negotiation. I think a majority of BDSM players, at least those who participate in any heavy physical play at all, have come to realize that the idea of the […]