Living Lamp Sucks CO2

It’s beautiful and futuristic and its time has come. Created by French biochemist Pierre Calleja, this lamp is made from micro-algae that gobbles 150 times the CO2 of a tree. This is the future of progress. Forget trying to make/do things that are just carbon neutral, that’s small, uncreative, uninspired thinking. We humans have the […]

Sixth Sense-Through the Wormhole

Science is starting to examine magic. The unperceived is now being recognized in a way that it hasn’t before. Not hocus pocus but science and nature giving illumination to what once was dark. Now you know and knowing is half the battle.

Children of the Decree

Romania’s last Communist Dick-tator Ceaucescu left a country scarred and angry. His legacy of tyranny could be witnessed in a lost generation. His anti abortion policy was condemned by his own people and world wide, it is almost the same policy adopted by today’s right wing & evangelical ”prolife” legislation. Except the dictator’s policy was […]

The End Of Poverty

Parasitic capitalism may come with a friendly name like freemarket but its devastating effect on both society and individuals around the globe can easily be seen. It is time we we rip off the pretty mask that covers the face of this monster and reveal it for what it is. Once we recognize it, we […]


  We the People and our entire nation has a life threatening addiction. We plunge gigantic needles into the deep wells and veins of a planet in pursuit of our drug. We will do anything for our fix. We are willing to sacrifice our future generations to slake our immediate thirst. All the while enriching […]

Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World

Sometimes poison tastes sweet and sometimes the non calorie sweetener is a poison.    

Advertising To Women

Mitchell and Web Look -brilliance calling out the sexism sells and society sellout.

There Is No Such Thing as a Free Market

Education is free and we need it now more than ever. To the rescue is an Occupy Teach In by professors who handily explain the scam of free market.


Economic collapse is being blamed on its lazy citizens but that is a false narrative. Scapegoats must be blamed in order to keep a powerful greedy few in command and enable an extremely corrupt system of parasitic extractionism to continue.

The End of Fish

Consider this idea next time you order sushi or tuna salad. Then ask what your hunger really fuels. Demand our leaders be held accountable and do better. But more importantly, take personal responsibility because that is empowerment. You. You personally can stop this problem by YOUR action. How YOU purchase. How YOU eat. Whether or […]