Culture In Decline episode3

Welcome to social conformity enforced though needless vanity.

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

The third installment explores the failure of money and the fix…resource based economy.

Zeitgeist: Addendum

The Zeitgeist sequel that explores corruption and of course… the solution (spoiler: it’s alignment with nature).

Zeitgeist: The Movie

Peter Joseph’s documentary 1st in the trilogy. This one explains the links between religion, money markets and power and how the come together to create worldwide shitness and suffering of epically stupid proportions…and how to fix it.

Mushrooms Can Save The World

Be it drought, bacterial illness, poor soil, toxic waste and so much more, mushrooms literally have the power to save the planet. Consider this: The largest living thing on the planet is a fungus in Oregon and ‘shrooms are the neuro net of the earth. Time to shake what your mama earth gave you.

Mushroom Burial Pajamas

Un-filth the planet and transform into food after death of the body.

2012: Time To Thrive

2012 is the time for the end of desperate civilization. A society headed toward annihilation is not a real choice. Instead we simply do what feels good, what nature demands, and would benefit every living thing on the planet.  Stop barely living and decide to thrive. 2012: Time for Change Carbon Nation For all those people […]

Children Of the Decree

Romania’s last Communist Dick-tator Ceaucescu left a country scarred and angry. His legacy of tyranny could be witnessed in a lost generation. His anti abortion policy was condemned by his own people and world wide, it is almost the same policy adopted by today’s right wing & evangelical  “prolife” legislation. Except the dictator’s policy was […]

We Like Them Girls

This may be the best music video EVER! It satirizes misogynistic music and lame ass videos of shallow end of the gene pool boys surrounded by hot chicks. For warned is for armed so make sure you have nothing in your mouth while watching it. There is a dang good chance it may rocket out […]

Algae BioFuel DIY as Example of Use

So for all the talking heads that assure every one of us that algae biofuel is a pipe dream or just not right now ready->here is me flipping you the bird. Everyone else who is swayed by facts and DIY get on board and show naysaying ninnies they are so passe.