Hit Spell Check

I have been on the interwebs before it was cool, before AOL had decided to sanitize itself, and the few chatrooms around all lead to nerdly discussions of Batman V. Wolverine.  The big decision when going online was whether or not to hit the bathroom or make a sandwich while a page loaded at the […]

Spare The Rod, Spoil The Fetish

Once again, the topic of whether or not to include the corporal in the punishment arises. This time this particular quandary pops up at St. Agustine in New Orleans. They were one of the last Catholic schools to keep a strong pimp hand and actually hit students. Why yes, the parents were aware of the […]

Box of Cox

Between my professional life and my personal life I have amassed a tremendous amount of adult toys. They range from the terrifyingly huge to the rediculously whimsical. My favorite is a long thin dong that looks like it belongs on an undead zombie and has a suction cup at the base. So of course I […]

Do not Force A Woman To Give Birth

our collective memories fail us as we forget the deaths of women because of back alley abortions. we have forgotten the reason there was a Roe vs Wade. instead, the anti choicers scream at scared women who need health care. instead anti choicers murder doctors, fathers, husbands, wives, mothers, adults who were once an embryo […]

I Am a Dangerous Woman

I am a dangerous woman to the white power fuck bags… because I look like a pretty, big titted white girl that you think is down with your hate filled agenda. You tell me things and whisper in my ear. the color of my skin betrays by heritage of mixed race. my mocha mother is […]

I want an Abortion…for shits & giggles

every time i hear a man that is not my companion, my father, or my doctor tell me that i have no right to an abortion because HE said so… it makes me want to rip the iud out of my body (and damn that thing hurt going in), throw my pussy around like a […]


don’t consider yourself a feminist if you are antichoice. taking away a woman’s voice, health choices, control over her own body, and telling her you know better than she does is the core of misogyny. if you are a woman who is antichoice you are a traitor to women EVERYWHERE but are just too stupid […]

Another Modest (budget) Proposal

The Republican plan of budget survival demands that we replace Medicare with a voucher system. Instead of Medicare handling the insurmountable cost of aging, we give the elderly a voucher. It is a coupon of sorts given to a venerable individual so that he/she can use it toward the purchase of health insurance if he/she […]

Science Or Magic?

is it magic or science and the answer is yes. it is god. the thing so complex that your walking ape hubris addled brain can not even begin to comprehend it. but then you try to define god and make it a reflection of you as you wish to suit your desires.  you called it […]

With Great Tits Come Great Responsibility

Use them in honor to make the world a better world. A world where cleavage is not just a cavern in which young explorers dream to go spelunking. It is also the place where new ideas are born and they can be great.