Thank a Squirrel

squirrel.mp4 from MClarissa on Vimeo.

Don’t Do Drugs

This is best watched drunk. Warning: may trigger epilepsy   dubdrugz35.mp4 from MClarissa on Vimeo.


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Donna Reads

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Culture In Decline episode3

Welcome to social conformity enforced though needless vanity.

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

The third installment explores the failure of money and the fix…resource based economy.

Zeitgeist: Addendum

The Zeitgeist sequel that explores corruption and of course… the solution (spoiler: it’s alignment with nature).

Zeitgeist: The Movie

Peter Joseph’s documentary 1st in the trilogy. This one explains the links between religion, money markets and power and how the come together to create worldwide shitness and suffering of epically stupid proportions…and how to fix it.

4 African Teenage Girls Invent Urine Powered Generator

These Four African Girls Have Created a Pee Powered Generator Urine isn’t just for golden showers and jellyfish stings. These four teenage girls (clearly the weaker dumber sex) from Africa invented a way to use urine to generate power. Truly power to the people FROM the people and as long as there are people, it […]

Time not Money is Your Valuable Resource

TimeBanksUSA   Money can’t buy everything and there are many more things more valuable than green backs. Time banks and time stores allow people to exchange goods and services using the currency of time. No matter how unemployed you are, you still have worth and value.