Art Is The Revolution


art IS the reEvolution

Art is both a reflection of society as well as a response to it.  In the creation of art we inevitably change and influence the world around us. It transcends place and time even becoming an agent of progress and often is the message in the bottle that tells us of long lost eras. So do not dismiss art as frivolous or unnecessary and instead embrace what we leave as our true legacy. Art is the revolution and we are all soldiers of its good fortunes.

this list is subject to change due to will or whim or new information and exposure to creative sparks that must be shared. feel free to contact me if you need to share a piece of alt art and would like to see it here. please share your opinions and discussions of listed media/art in the comment section.  pop culture geeks, bibliophiles, cinephiles unite and discuss.

Docs That Will Blow Your Mind


The C.C.C.-Part of FDR’s New Deal that profoundly helped a wounded and desperate United States get back on its feet, brush itself off, and blaze forward. It took egregious environmental destruction and soul crushing poverty and joblessness as a call to rise above and use crisis as an opportunity for an entire nation to be better together. The very things we take for granted now like our parks, trails, and fertile fields came from the CCC. We can be great again but only if we come together in unity and realize we are all connected and we are only as strong as our weakest link.

burzynskithere is a cure for cancer but why are our loved ones still dying? after treatment!? THIS CAN BE WATCHED BY FOLLOWING THE LINK!!!

the end of america-

ayn rand-in her own words – 

gashole – 

gasland –

king corn – 

the corporation –

Movies That Feed Your Head

ink – (netflix download) indie trippy fantasy of  good v evil . can love transcend time and dark hearts?

delicatessen – (netflix download) french indie import of  dystopian dark humour in a man eating world

world’s greatest dad – (netflix download) the blackest of black comedic look at parenting with absolutely no sacred cows

battle for terra – (netflix download) this animated family friendly fare was avatar before avatar with a better story

wristcutters – (netflix download) a darkly funny love story of crap life after crappier death

the man from earth – (netflix download) the ultimate what if …one ancient man JUST DIDN’T DIE

feed – (netflix) a dark look at the meaning of consent in extreme fetish along with a closer look at heroes and villains. stay to the very end for perhaps the best ending ever although you may question your morality in the morning


tromadance @Tromadance – The Only Truly Indie Film Fest WITH NO ENTRY FEE


BlackFlag Pictures and BlackFlag TV  An alternative to TV  for alternative people and true Indie Entertainment.


Merging sex positive with positively sexy no holds barred  discussion on a plethora of topics @MarabelleBlue KEM Talk on USTREAM.


TV Shows That Un-Idiot Box The Boob Tube

torchwood –  the spinoff to dr. who with an emphasis of fluidity of sexuality

sgt. frog-  an anime that both pokes fun at the silliness of anime and is also a love sonnet to them as well as pop culture

shin chan –  an anime that elevates vulgarity to an art form especially when it comes from the mouth of  a butt dancing boy

doctor who –  the longest running scifi show in history for good reason. the newest iteration of the good time and universe travelling doctor that celebrates life, love, and alternatives to violence in order to create most compassionate out come. think outside the box and inside the tardis

invader zim – this guy will never conquer the earth but it is awesome fun to watch him try in this epic nicktoon

total recall 2070 – a more complete futuristic vision of philip k dick than all the movies combined and brimming with morality and questions it inspires

The Young Turks – no good progressive can do with out the TYT or at least know of the progressive news that was created from the bottom up. not the top down. these youtube-ian originals  always bring their a-game and info not covered anywhere else.

rachel maddow – the always inspiring geeky progressive powerhouse that is the maddow

colbert nation – sarcasm in a suit may just save us all

fraggle rock –  jim henson at his best as we follow fraggles in their happy home singing and celebrating the best virtues of love, sharing, learning and all things wonderous


Webisodes to Acquaint Your Laptop With

legend of neil – nerd collision of reality and a certain legendary video game

dr. horrible sing along blog – long live nph!

epic onlineseries – geek intersection of virtual reality and life

Books You Need to Read for Fucks Sake

1984/animal farm – double whammy of warning about who we allow to lead and the toll it takes on society. the ultimate dystopian and fascist future (1984) and anthroporphism at its cruelest (animal farm)

handmaid’s tale – a militaristic theocratic future and the destruction it brings with it to the individual and the society it is inflicted upon. this tale becomes ever more relevant with every passing election

brave new world – the ultimate is a disposable society and a warning in this classic work of science fiction

man’s search for meaning – the father of logotherapy and holocaust survivor dr. victor frankel speaks truth to power of survival and reasoning behind it

good omens – a fantasy of  good v evil and the rush of both sides to find the antichrist first. done in slick sly brit wit

amusing ourselves to death – a look at the state of news and how it has become infotainment

mind hunter – real life profiler pioneer john douglas’ first book is part autobiography and part true crime and is fascinating look into the darkest of hearts and the man who is a real monster hunter

obama’s america: a transformative vision of our national identity- from the complex and nuanced mind of  historian ian reifowitz comes realization and revelation. diversity and unity are the key elements in the progression of  a prosperous UNITED States. who better than barack hussein obama, the living embodiment of those principals to be the messenger.

bdsm for writers– dr. charley ferrer becomes an ambassador for the oft misunderstood and secretive  world of bdsm and D/s. she uses her expertise and unique perspective to engage and enable those who want more than the salacious hear-say.  they want facts.


Interesting Things for Your Ear Holes

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