There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills of Trash

UrbanMining  sourcing precious metals in our heaps of garbage.


Just as our consumptive appetite for new and shiny can lead to dearth and death we can use this predilection to  reclaim our garbage.  If we apply the same hunger that has us eager to strip mine our earth for rare minerals leaving a poison chaser so we can bling ourselves and have Star Trek NG gadgets we can clean this place up right quick.  Currently digging in Mama Earth will not yield nearly as much as just digging in our trash heaps.

For the last few decades we have been tossing out valuable stuff, chucking our resources because we stop recognizing them as valuable when their current function to us ends.  The fact that our old tech is much like a plastic pinata filled with bits of gold and lithium has been lost on us.  However it is not lost on everyone.

There are people waking up to the abundance that is waiting in what was mistaken for trash and they see it for the opportunity it is. Cleaning up the environment and picking up our trash, eliminating the need for toxic mining practices that yeild little more than sludge N’ cancer, and making profit doing it. The sooner we catch on, the sooner we can rebuild the economy through good works and showing the world that a healthy economy and ethics are not mutually exclusive. Rather, they have much venn indeed.

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