Mushrooms Can Save The World

Be it drought, bacterial illness, poor soil, toxic waste and so much more, mushrooms literally have the power to save the planet. Consider this: The largest living thing on the planet is a fungus in Oregon and ‘shrooms are the neuro net of the earth. Time to shake what your mama earth gave you.

Mushroom Burial Pajamas

Un-filth the planet and transform into food after death of the body.

2012: Time To Thrive

2012 is the time for the end of desperate civilization. A society headed toward annihilation is not a real choice. Instead we simply do what feels good, what nature demands, and would benefit every living thing on the planet.  Stop barely living and decide to thrive. 2012: Time for Change Carbon Nation For all those people […]

Children Of the Decree

Romania’s last Communist Dick-tator Ceaucescu left a country scarred and angry. His legacy of tyranny could be witnessed in a lost generation. His anti abortion policy was condemned by his own people and world wide, it is almost the same policy adopted by today’s right wing & evangelical  “prolife” legislation. Except the dictator’s policy was […]