We the People and our entire nation has a life threatening addiction. We plunge gigantic needles into the deep wells and veins of a planet in pursuit of our drug. We will do anything for our fix. We are willing to sacrifice our future generations to slake our immediate thirst. All the while enriching the psychopathic pushers of this drug- fossil fuels – or chasing the dinosaur- as it is known in certain deep dens and quiet circles.

There is a way out. Not one way OR an other. It isn’t one way versus the other. It is with all these small replacements and actions. It strengthens the whole through diversity and it doesn’t have gaping vulnerabilities and holes that come with homogeneity.

It IS a blended effort. It replaces a bad action with a good action and a crap product with a a much better alternative. The choice IS out there and it is one we ALL get to participate in.  We have the technology. We can rebuild it.


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