We Like Them Girls

This may be the best music video EVER! It satirizes misogynistic music and lame ass videos of shallow end of the gene pool boys surrounded by hot chicks. For warned is for armed so make sure you have nothing in your mouth while watching it. There is a dang good chance it may rocket out […]

Algae BioFuel DIY as Example of Use

So for all the talking heads that assure every one of us that algae biofuel is a pipe dream or just not right now ready->here is me flipping you the bird. Everyone else who is swayed by facts and DIY get on board and show naysaying ninnies they are so passe.

Living Lamp Sucks CO2

It’s beautiful and futuristic and its time has come. Created by French biochemist Pierre Calleja, this lamp is made from micro-algae that gobbles 150 times the CO2 of a tree. This is the future of progress. Forget trying to make/do things that are just carbon neutral, that’s small, uncreative, uninspired thinking. We humans have the […]