The budget cuts lead by the Republican stampede include the slashing of public education. It is completely necessary to make our over capacity schools ineffective and inefficient in order to keep citizens voting against their best interest. It is imperative to eliminate outside sources of free learning like PBS/NPR lest Elmo or Big Bird teach a child to comprehend math or critical thinking skills. Or worse, to accept those who are different than you. This ensures that we have a population and consequent generations of sheeple that worship Snookie. A country full of bible thumping, hate mongering, fear fed bovines will happily consume the things that kill them from the companies who profit from their stupid induced misery. This dystopic future is now. Don’t worry, they won’t get any redundant mentions of 1984, Brave New World, or Hand Maid’s Tale anyway so I shall leave them out. Instead I will focus on the new Republican math. No calculator needed.

taking $ from working poor/middle class to give to rich= stronger middle class

tax breaks/loopholes/shelters for huge corporations and wealthiest americans=more $ for middle class

firing teachers + closing schools=smart americans able to compete globally

zygote>adult woman

rape + woman= happy pregnant lady

forcing woman to give birth=human rights

preventing Dems from voting=fair prevention of voter fraud

teaching creationism in public schools=separation of church & state

teaching birth control & human reproduction=infringement of religious freedom

inhibiting right of assembly=free speech

dissension=treason & anti-patriotism

elimination of social nets for the poor=personal empowerment

welfare for corporations=capitalism

living breathing human=corporation (both are people)

unlimited campaign $ from corporate donors to politicians=fair policy creation & free speech

fixing & modernization of crumbling infrastructure=big government over spending

taxing corporations and wealthy=war on job creators

saying your a Christian=being Christ like

denying basic healthcare to less fortunate=what Jesus would do


death penalty=justice

marijuana=jail time

cigarettes + booze=party


unemployment benefits=theft

unending war=peace



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