Monsters & Monstrosities

as a dominatrix i get shit.  i get people who make assumptions that because i beat others that i and those like me are evil. we are cruel. we have no morality. how could we? how could I!!! when i have left bruises and blood on a naked man or woman. what monster would do that?

look closer. the person i beat, flogged, caned found me. looked me up. researched me and then pleaded with me to beat them. pain is the desire and s/he wanted me and trusted me to do that. my playmate knows that i am not going to damage them because the act of administering pain has been stripped of brutality and anger. it is instead an art form studied and learned so that it does not injure, it is manipulated. it is used to induce different sensations. i am aware of my subs physical and mental limitations and there are safe words just in case. ALWAYS SAFE SANE (informed) CONSENSUAL.

now compare that to our cops and their actions

look at the NYPD cop that sprayed mace into the face of female protestors or the actions of many of the men in blue dealing with the USDOR protestors. these are unarmed and non violent PROTESTORS. these are people who just want and need to show the powers that be that WE THE PEOPLE are in pain. we have been treated unfairly, stolen from, marginalized and have been thrown under the bus in order to make the 1% very rich and very powerful.

and corporations are people

we whose jobs have been outsourced and sent over seas are rightfully upset. the few jobs left here often offer not enough wage and benefits to keep up with the ever increasing rise in the very basics like food, shelter, and meds. increases that keep making the 1% richer at the expense of the other 99%. in order to get those jobs requires jumping through many hoops and to be ok with having employers know more about you personally than your husband, doctor, and banker combined. they want your credit score and your piss. they want to make sure that YOU have never made any comment that could be misconstrued or differ in your politics or personal life than the corporate policy or image. a personal private life is not allowed and fb is mandatory but don’t post the real you. workers that have jobs are expected to work non stop lest they be considered lazy and their jobs given to someone willing to do ever more. and there is always someone who is willing to do more out of fear, desperation, ego, and ignorance.

a thin blue line of bullies and monsters

those people, the 99%, the protestors who have every reason to shout WE ARE HERE! WE ARE HERE! are looked at as criminals. as the others. those who are unlike the cops that beat and bash. the protestors whose only defense is their voice and ability to communicate are treated and viewed like the enemy and interloper worthy of derision and face mace. deserving of brutality and arrest because they have stood for the other 99% and against those who have crashed THE WORLD economy and rewarded for it with bursting larders of stolen wealth and resources.

this is who the cops stomp

if our police force (the same folk who are paid by tax dollars and are supposed to serve and protect the people) find it ok to brutalize those people, how safe are we? these cops have more in common with the protestors than they understand. these cops don’t know the physical limitations of those they beat and abuse. they do/did not care either. how safe are you ? the violence committed was not safe, sane, or consensual it was just brutal force against a perceived enemy that did not fight back. that did not defend the self. how hard was anthony bologna’s tiny cocklett as he maced women in the face? did he think of his mother, sister, wife, child, aunt, neighbor as he watched them fall to the ground screaming in agony? were those screams what made his heart race and make him feel GOOD and powerful? manly even. was he just following orders like the SS soldiers of the Nazi death camps? did he feel justified like the torturers of polpots S21 torture death factory? how safe is the US when these cops are examples of our protectors?

question everything

when we see the footage coming out across the country of more police brutality against those who clearly pose no threat to others it makes us question. everything. now we have to question EVERY ARREST and every officer. is he a friend who will protect me from harm or is HE the harm? are all those millions of people languishing in jail (that cost 45k+ per inmate per year) really guilty or did some of them cross the path of a psychopath in blue? a psychopath that has a badge and is legally allowed to kill you and i and whom we are not allowed to protect ourselves from. so i ask everyone. HOW SAFE ARE WE FROM MONSTERS AND MONSTROSITIES?

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