Hot Pocket

I just watched a HotPockets commercial and as my T.V. sung of the life altering food thing that is overly processed microwavable crap, I thought about the name. HotPocket. It just sounded like something that would require A LOT of lubricant and at least one other person. As in…

Boy 1 text msg:OMG my GF jst gave me a HotPocket for my bday.

Boy2 text msg:Holy shit!  How’d that happn?

Boy 1 text msg:She’s been doing yoga and vicadin.

When I hear HotPocket I also hear Dirty Sanchez, Hot Lunch, Tea Bagging, and Roman Helmet. The cheerful voices that sing HotPockets! may as well be singing wink wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Know what I mean eh (in your thickest British accent)?

Or was it just my perpetually perving brain that gave HotPockets a blue twist. I asked Twitter. I gleaned that Twitter has a terrific sense of humour but I’m still not sure about me and the perving part.

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