Homosexuality Can Save the World

One of the main roots of global climate change, food shortages, and civil unrest is over population of our species. Sure those of religious zealotry would argue that we should just keep breeding. They also refute all evidence to the contrary of their literal beliefs of magical events. Don’t forget the added birth rate due to the unique violence & inequality heaped on the feminine and other half of the human population.

Now we have too many damn dirty hairless apes. They need an endless supply of everything. They also have a habit of shitting where they eat and consuming everything and anything they see or think they want/deserve.

We are everywhere. But what to do to combat overpopulation? The simple answer is to stop popping out as many youngins. Less rugrats and more knuckle children. Ah but with so many ingrained social influences and other long held bullshiticisms it is gonna be one heck of an up hill battle.


Nature helps us adapt and there is hope. Gay sex. The gayer the better. The very things that twist the moralists, self loathers, and puritanically driven into a froth covered frenzy-people schtupping other people of the same sex- just may save US. By the very thing that they can’t do. They can’t reproduce. Not by accident. No children happen unless much thought and effort is put into it. But they can pair up, nurture each other, have fun, and be fabulous.

That’s a win win really. No random kiddies just very well taken care of children. Children, a resource to be nurtured rather than squandered. Quality not quantity.

The best part of this is the gay community knows that silence equals death. Unless others know that the people they love, admire, are related to, profit from and desire are gay, they won’t care nor change small minds. How could they? You don’t know what you don’t know. However, the gay community has made great strides of recent and that is epic. We need an epic win more than ever because we have more to lose now than ever. So let’s put on a show of support for our planet and our people.

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