Hatred With a Smiley Face

ImH0me GHS @   @MClarissa Same genitals can pair, love & survive w/out marriage. Procreators deserve privileges. @LadyAtheist @WarriorBanker @torgospizza
that was the response tweet from a hater and anti rights/equality advocate. of course this asshat likes to say that it is god’s will. you know, to deny others their rights whilst preserving special rights to a select few like ImH0me. god thinks ImH0me is super special and speaks as the voice of god. others who are not on board with ImH0me’s super self serving agenda are just not godly. of course we must eject our founding father’s desire to separate church and state in order to satisfy ImH0me and others of the same persuasion.
don’t worry though, it’s not REALLY hatred being espoused. noooooo. gays have the right to pair, love, and survive. i guess that means they probably won’t be bashed…as much. They won’t be burned at the stake, or hung, or dragged to death. they will be allowed to survive. see, ImH0me is not demanding any final solution for them homos. they just shouldn’t be allowed to have the same rights as breeders (whether or not they choose/have ability to breed). see.  all good. hugz. smily face emoticon.

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