Another Modest (budget) Proposal

The Republican plan of budget survival demands that we replace Medicare with a voucher system. Instead of Medicare handling the insurmountable cost of aging, we give the elderly a voucher. It is a coupon of sorts given to a venerable individual so that he/she can use it toward the purchase of health insurance if he/she CAN find an insurance company that will take him/her. The majority of med bills/insurance will be handled by self/family. At face value, it seems like a downright evil thing to do, especially if you take into account the plan also hands out more tax cuts to the wealthy. Superficially it seems to screw granny in order to give tax breaks to those that already have lots of money. It only seems that way when you do not take in current trends or if one lacks foresight.

A large part of US debt as a nation comes from our entitlement programs and Defense spending. We can safely assume that we are now at war with someone somewhere because they pissed us off. Obama killed Bin Laden. We still need to be there. The war is bankrupting us. We still need to be there. When it came to brass tax- Old folk vs. WAR we must choose war.  When it came to deciding to fire teachers, fix bridges, feed the hungry, provide family planning, transportation-the forest of so called social needs, slashed and burned because of budget crisis-we chose/choose WAR! That is balsy. That is truck nut balsy.  We the people of endless war will not only fuck YOU up, we will take ourselves out kamikaze style! It shows the rest of the planet that we are strong. Peace is for pussies. That’ll teach em to mess with us.

Let’s shed the excess. Firing lots of teachers is one way toward solvency. Not that we have too many teachers and not enough kids, just the opposite. We can’t pay the astronomical salaries and benefits of these greedy public employees. As long as teachers decide they need a living wage with benefits just to teach our children, some educators have to go. It only makes sense since we outspend other industrialized nations while scoring far worse. The solution to both our poor educational results & fiscal woes is just spend less.

We Americans are a hardy bunch so we don’t need no stinking infrastructure. What our parents had is just fine even if it is all crumbly and inadequate. Even if the jobs created in construction would kick start local economies it still would be bad. Those jobs are not permanent like the jobs we see in the private sector like Caterpillar. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Fla. Gov Rick Scott know that a job created by Big Government, though may pay your rent now, is still Big Government Spending. In the long run, Big Government will make you pay more taxes and accrue more debt to pay for the the stimulus. Austerity is how we reduce our debt and when we reduce our debt it will kick start the economy. Frivolous spending on things like highspeed rail is like a bridge to nowhere. There is nothing to connect to since there are no jobs or commerce in those areas and what is left will be dead soon anyway. It’s spending just to expand government and it is a poor use of funds.

This spending problem by big government is also coming to an end by kicking Planned Parenthood off of the teat of Uncle Sam. There is absolutely no reason We should give any healthcare institute our taxes when only 97% of their services are non abortion related. The needy men and women who use PP are still supporting a facility that performs this legal medical procedure. Though no actual tax money goes toward abortions we can still save tax payers from having to support those who just can’t keep their legs together.

To really handle the debt we must give even more tax breaks to the job providers. The job providers are the large corporations and the wealthy, basically our best and brightest. Our 2%. Though some leaders have lead the way to this common sense approach and laid the ground work like George Bush Jr, it was only a start. The amount of savings for these job creators was only enough to create jobs over seas. Our tax rate is simply to burdensome to actually create jobs here. Over 10 years of lowered tax rates and evaporating jobs tells us clearly that the tax breaks didn’t go far enough. To ask our job creators to pay more taxes is also just plain class warfare. The 2% have finally started to make financial headway and watched their income and profit growth surpass everyone else. How does hindering their economic growth help us? Through inheritance, no strings attached bail outs, and close work with their politicians they have earned that wealth. To take it from them in the form of taxes just to build roads, close deficits, hire teachers for those who can’t afford those things out of pocket is just plain theft. It rewards the lazy and stupid. The reason these people need things like WIC, foodstamps, and infrastructure is because they just don’t want to work. They want hand outs. From the wealthy. Laziness is not an American value and we should not reward it by taking from the haves to give to the have nots. Even our Puritan forefathers could tell you that if a person is poor, it’s their fault and God is punishing them for their wicked ways. It would be wrong for us to interfere with God’s will.

Let’s not forget the 800Lb gorilla in the room-restrictions.  Regulations are both unnecessary and hamper economic growth. Glass-Steagal which was created in response to the Wall Street meltdown and the Great Depression is a classic example of Government over reach. Though the US experienced economic growth afterwards, it was short lived. We could see as a nation that it was not fair or working and repealed it in 1999 through Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act. This enabled commercial banks, investment banks, securities firms, and insurance companies to consolidate.  Wall st. and large corporations were able to make more money than ever. Even now, when the rest of the economy slides backwards, Wall st., bankers, and their CEO’s are the only part of the economy that’s doing great. It proves that deregulation is great for business. When there was a small financial hiccup like in November of 2008, big business easily regained it’s footing by no strings attached bail outs. This ensured that these large business would not fold and could continue on like before.  Wall st. can now continue taking the risks that garner the big bonuses without fear. This example of deregulation must be applied everywhere else. Especially when it comes to the pursuit of energy. If we are to become energy independent we can’t be weighed down by restrictions. When we stop deep water drilling because we are concerned about another BP Gulf spill, we hinder our own progress. Just because there is the potential for more catastrophic environmental damage, our need supersedes that potential. Besides, clean up actually CREATES jobs. Really it’s a win-win. The same can be said for coal mining and natural gas fracking. It is selfish for individuals to impede energy development just because it may possibly contaminate their water for millions of years. It is the height of selfishness to say to the rest of the country you can’t drive your Hummer because my drinking water is flammable or my neighborhood has cancer clusters. True patriots know that is the road that leads to socialism and it’s evils.

America is the greatest country in the entire universe, ever. But we all have to sacrifice so that we can bring down this deficit. That means that there will be soldiers deployed overseas. Our soldiers are sacrificing. They are fighting for our freedom. Our military is fighting them over there so we don’t have another 9/11. A lot of our children may not have the best schools, enough teachers, or the resources  they need. It will make them work harder and be better. The children left behind are just the ones who didn’t work hard enough. There will be more kids, not going to college.  Lots more children in fact. The savings we get by eliminating PP from the fiscal picture also comes with a perk. Less family planing, birth control, and abortions means more economically challenged women get to be moms. A new bundle is the very thing poor women need to inspire them to work harder. Now is the time to take the job that you need. Not the job you want. Low-wage, part-time, temporary, no-benefit work is the new normal. Part of our great sacrifice is knowing your hard work to help make America stronger may mean you do not live as long as your parents. If you do, if you make it to 70 and eligible for Medicare, the Republicans and real patriots have your back.  You earned it. You will be one of the few who were smart enough or worked hard enough without dying. You get a voucher.

We must look backward to go forward.

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