Germany Got Half It’s Power From Solar

For those who tell US that we can not get off of  dirty dangerous energy and we must make a Faustian deal are either 1. unaware of what is happening in the world 2. in the pocket of of dirty energy (that includes nuclear) 4. in denial of the true ability and capacity of our species […]

Another Cure For Cancer

When was the last time you heard there was not just a treatment but a cure for cancer? Not Lately. Now consider how much profit is made by selling constant treatment, treatment that may eventually lead to even more malady including…wait for it.. CANCER! Now, spread the message. Doctor Buryzynski (an immigrant) cures cancer. You […]

Indian Man Single-Handedly Grows 1,360 Acre Forest

The Man Who Grew a Forest and a habitat for other life. We have seen the worst of humanity as is destroys the natural world, now lets celebrate those who rebuild it. Look what we can do. When we are beset with the voice in our head that tells us we can not make a difference […]