The End of Fish

Consider this idea next time you order sushi or tuna salad. Then ask what your hunger really fuels. Demand our leaders be held accountable and do better. But more importantly, take personal responsibility because that is empowerment. You. You personally can stop this problem by YOUR action. How YOU purchase. How YOU eat. Whether or […]

The Elephant in the Room

The real reason history hates Hitler wasn’t because he called himself a socialist. It’s because of what he did. It is action and those actions are the same as the Tea Party folks and others who call themselves one thing but it is completely at odds with their action. Dissonance and disconnect. Comic Leo Goodman […]

Plastic Eating Fungus

What the hell do we do with non degrading plastic? Feed it to hungry fungus.

Yet ANOTHER Solar Car

Seriously! Another solar car out of the many many solar cars that are being pumped out all over the world from India and Palestine to this gem from our own shores. So, when do we stop believing the lies that that we need fossil fuels and must accept a Faustian deal of  war, pollution, and […]

Cure for Cancer and Cheap Energy Source

Yet another energy source to fulfill our needs and it may be another cure for cancer. Now ask yourself, why are you spending a fortune on electricity, why do we keep hearing we need to pursue unsustainable energy policies, poison our environment, and why we keep walking for cures we already have? Simply put, it […]

Power From Garbage

Just because we keep being told by media and polluters that we need to drill baby drill and frack over everyone in the pursuit of energy doesn’t mean that it is true.  Here is yet another power source that we have in abundance and not about to run out as long as we humans are […]

Hey Kid, Ya Wanna Buy a Democracy?

Leave it to the great sage Bill Moyers to call out what we are witnessing. Our representatives on both side of the aisle are merely bought and sold like cattle by the real people in charge. The filthy rich and corrupted. Time to kick the usurpers out folks, stop buying their products and stop thinking […]

Lee Camp- You are a Slave

In another Moment of Clarity artist activist Lee Camp lays down the truth. Yeah, you are a slave.     …Now what are we gonna do about it?  


It’s all  connected. The commonality and venn of global suckage always comes back to mega corpse. In this documentary hosted by Woody Harrelson, we have a frank discussion of the cause of our societal and global malady but also the solution and how to simply fix it. We got this.   PLEASE SUPPORT THIS WORK […]


The 1932 Tod Browning horror masterpiece Freaks was controversial and way ahead of its time. Not only was the script limit pushing in how it treated sexuality but it also included real life freaks. Freaks examines what is morality and what makes a hero or villain as well as beauty. Is it aesthetic or action? At the […]