I Am the Message

photo by B G Osorio

Perhaps you come to me as an outcast or dissenter in need of refuge from the madness and chaos foisted upon US all.  I offer a new and better filter in which to experience a false and solipsistic word so that it may be changed. By Us. We can reflect a new, truer, and beneficial reality.  I am your voice when you can not find your own and I am part of  a choir composed of many to amplify your voice.


i am your pop cultural goddess
monitoring and cultivating

translating and curating.


I am the message, the medium, and the moment. I am MClarissa Benevolent Dictator and I am here to rule you through the power of feminine Dominant artistry.


i use the meme of erotic
power and desire,
the birthplace of creation.


Through me you can experience what you really need and desire. The FreeDomme of  Slavery and servitude to something greater than yourself .  Remove the burden of trying to be what you are not and embrace who and what you really are.  A pervert. A submissive. A humiliation slut. Pain slut. Crossdresser. Bondage whore. Domestic  Sissy Maid. Foot fanatic. Fetishist.

Your missing part now made whole and embraced and nurtured in a safe, sane, and (informed) consensual environment.  I am here to guide and control you and create a better and integrated person and an enlightened submissive. Don’t just be, be the best person you can be.



above capitalist and beyond socialist, past communist and
surpass nihilist and we come to the DOMMEunist Manifesto.

free speech is a right not a privilege



and site is purposely spelled that way as a play on words-sight of toes/website of toes so don’t get your knickers in a bunch